Unraveling Self-Destructive Patterns


To some degree, we all have a wild streak in us. We might even pride ourselves in those moments when we “break the rules.” The times we order a decadent dessert and cheat on our diet, splurge off the budget and buy extra gifts for the holidays, and break our promises to go to the gym. However, that rebel tendency can unravel and run amok- making a fun ride into a fear-filled disaster. There is a difference between being rebellious and being self-destructive. If you are continually breaking the rules, you have to question, “are you doing what you want or simply making decisions despite what you want?”

In this next session, Bonnie will remove you from fear and pain and see the bigger picture of what you want and what the universe wants for you. Once you stop fighting the incarnates and past trauma that can no longer hurt you, you will be able to accept victory, end the war, and live your best life ever.


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