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Clearing Karmic Loops

Whether you feel trapped by your karma or are trying to live a life of happiness and spiritual growth, it’s wise to understand your karmic cycles, discover how to break karmic patterns, and end unnecessary negative energy in your life. Karmic loops are behaviors, emotions, thought forms or dynamics that are repetitive in your life. When you are caught up in a karmic loop no matter what you try to do to change you always end up in the same place/state, but each time the loop is triggered, the emotional charge from it becomes heavier and more troublesome. There are many loops someone can fall into; toxic relationships, unavailable partners, betrayal, drama, abuse, health issues, and money problems to name a few. When you create karmic energy, the energy must return to you, in the same way when you toss a ball up in the air, it must come back down. In short, negative energy creates negative karma and positive energy creates positive karma. If you want to break your karmic patterns, it’s helpful to begin living a more positive life and be more mindful of how you create your karma. In this powerful clearing, Bonnie will help you break your karmic patterns and loops, begin living a more positive life, and become more aware of how you create your karma every day.

Clearing the Well of Grief

Your grief has been welling up for lifetimes. It’s time to clear the well!

The "Well of Grief" differs from the typical emotional energies of grief stored in the second chakra. The energy in the "well" is denser, more intense, and carries despair, anguish, helplessness, and hopelessness. When we do not fully embrace and feel emotions as they occur, they can get stored in our subconscious to be carried over into our next life.

Over many incarnations, this collection of darkly charged emotions pool together and become a more compact and dense mass of toxic energy. The gravity of this sadness weighs on us. This "well" is the cause of most people's constant or continual feelings of sadness. It's a sadness that never entirely goes away, ever.

This Group Energy Clearing is your chance to lift that weight. Sign up for this session and let Bonnie clear your well of grief and replace it with an overflowing wellspring of lightness and love.

Clearing the Powers of Darkness

Feel like you can’t shake the darkness around or inside you? We all have experienced dark times in our lives. But when the darkness feels too powerful and unyielding, it’s time to get help from Master Energy Tracker & Healer, Bonnie Serratore.  Join this potent Group Energy Clearing as she eradicates dark forces from past and current lives, other dimensions, and timelines. Reclaim the Divine Light Being you are because no one else can do it for you!

Dark Force Interference

How can you tell if dark forces have been influencing your life? In some situations, it can be obvious. Some people can experience attacks in their sleep or when they are awake. They may see beings, shadows, feel a negative presence, or experience severe intrusive “out of nowhere” dark thoughts, emotions, or behaviors. You may suddenly find yourself lashing out or acting in ways that are “not you”. If you are on a spiritual path in this lifetime, even if you have dedicated yourself to the Light, there may be past lifetimes where you worked with darker energies or beings to accomplish your goals. There could be contracts that you entered into in past lives with other beings that are still in place, allowing these energies to affect you now. You may have had dark past lives where you committed atrocities or victimized people, and these people’s energies can still be stuck in your body. Many people believe that when you decide to stand against these dark forces that these vows, contracts, and oaths disappear, but they linger on in the ancestral or past life lineages, continuing to affect you until they are unraveled from their core. Even if you are unaware of these dark interferences and if they are at play in your life, they can still be affecting you without you knowing. Even people who “don’t believe in” dark entities, demonic forces, curses or spells can still be affected by these energies. Join Bonnie Serratore to learn about these energies, discover how they can influence your life, and become liberated from their grip forever!

Dark Force Interference 2.0

We all know that Light illuminates shadow. While nothing can withstand the Light of All That Is, in this plane of polarity and duality it seems the more light we allow the more shadows seem to be drawn to us. On one level this is true, as fully conscious creator beings we agreed to live all aspects of the human experience over many lifetimes to know ourselves completely. As we make conscious steps in our lives to live with more awareness and step into our full potential, darkness will be illuminated so that it can be cleared for good! There are several ways these dark forces can show up in our daily lives. You may notice that accidents, arguments, negative encounters, and criticism seem to be drawn to you like a magnet, making you feel victimized and disempowered. Other people begin to notice strange sounds, voices, shadow beings, or dark shapes on the edges of their vision. You may feel a negative presence that intensifies when you are alone. Many people who are being influenced by dark forces can feel like they are “not themselves” or that they are having reactions that are totally out of character. If you consider yourself a spiritual person or lightworker, you may recoil at the idea that you may have lived dark past lives or entered into agreements with the powers of darkness, but we are all Divine beings who wanted to experience absolutely everything the 3D levels have to offer; good, bad, and ugly. You likely made vows or contracts with dark beings, lived lifetimes where you performed black magic, or victimized others leaving you open to these influences long after those lifetimes ended. Even if you are the victim of dark magic, curses, or hexes in this lifetime, on some level you agreed to participate in the exchange from your higher levels. The good news is that we are finally ready to release the past and its influence over our lives! In this UPDATED version of Dark Force Interference, Bonnie will delve deep to clear out the root of these negative interferences in your life, whatever the cause. As we enter into the New Paradigm, we can easily access and release anything standing in the way of creating the most joyful and liberated future we can imagine from a place of power and sovereignty!

Cursed or Haunted?

We have all had those creepy moments of feeling "unsafe." Instantly and without notice or reason, we suddenly sense that we are in the wrong place or that someone/something is working against us. This is because our spiritual side has become aware of energies our physical mind can't understand. Our Ego can't process the vibration and the critical messages that the Universe sends us, and it short circuits into a panic. But these energies might not be a warning alarm, just a wake-up alarm YOU have set. With this next "group clearing" by Bonnie, she will untangle you from the panic of the unknown. She will help banish the discarnate feasting on your fear and translate the "curse" upon you for the actual message the Universe is sending you. By understanding the reason for the warning bells, you can stop seeing them as a sinister mysterious force and recognize them as a powerful tool to help you wake up to your perfect self.

Releasing Curses

Is your life one crisis after another? Do you feel that no matter what you do, things just don't change or seem to get better? There are interferences from past incarnations that are affecting your life right now. Get liberated with Bonnie and live the blessed life that you came here to experience!

Foundational Clearings Series: Dark Force Clearing

Ever wondered what's lurking in the shadows? Join Master Accelerator Chris Williams and Lead Accelerator Sarah Ellingworth as they journey into the dark forces to clear what is clouding your light. On Saturday, December 9th, at 3:00pm ET, Chris and Sarah will lead a Group Energy Dark Force Clearing so that who you truly are can shine forth and the dark entities that are trying to dim your light are permanently gone! Secure your spot now!


Have you felt abandoned by the Universe itself? Being forsaken is the ultimate rejection. It's all that is when your relationship with a creator and the Universe itself feels like it has ended. In this next clearing with Bonnie, she will help you see that being "forsaken" is impossible. Your creation was not a mistake and you can never be an outcast when you realize that you are made from and ever connected to Everything.

Subconscious Attachment to Suffering

Why do some people seem to attract negative situations into their experience? We are told that through the Law of Attraction that we pull to us the things we focus on or desire. Most people wouldn’t consciously choose to attract suffering into their lives, so why do so many people experience it? Are we meant to suffer as our lot in life? Most of the programs that are running within us are below our levels of conscious awareness. Buried deep inside the subconsciousness of most people is an attachment to their suffering. Why would people be attached to suffering? Suffering itself means something is unpleasant, uncomfortable, or even miserable. Sometimes this attachment is because people have programs or vows from past lives where they feel like they deserve to be punished, and those promises can still affect us today. In others, our suffering makes us feel unique or special. We wear our suffering almost like a badge of honor, an example of how much we have been through. These types of feelings can make it hard to let go of these programs of suffering, because we have tied our very identities to these stories. We may feel like letting go of our attachment to the experiences mean that the suffering didn’t “mean anything”.Even if you feel like you have moved past these programs, you can still carry energetic imprints, discarnates, past life contracts, and other energies that have anchored these programs deeply into your energetic and physical bodies. When we let go of our attachments to suffering, we are able to meet life with a sense of ease and grace. We are able to experience things in our lives, even things we may perceive as “negative” without resisting them. When we stop resisting what shows up in our lives, we begin to live in a state of open acceptance and these programs of suffering can be released. Join Master Accelerator Bonnie Serratore as she unravels these attachments to suffering, leaving you free to experience an entirely new way of showing up in your world, which will change the way the world shows up for you!

Expecting the Worst?

Are you under constant stress worrying about what “might” happen in the future? Do you go through worst-case scenarios in your mind when thinking about upcoming events or plans? Do people tell you you have a negative outlook? When people have “gotten used” to experiencing traumatic or disappointing events as a pattern in their lives, they often begin to expect the worst to happen whenever considering future outcomes. Oftentimes, this distorted outlook is a coping mechanism we use to prepare ourselves in advance for what we expect will be a future catastrophe. In our minds, we are saving ourselves from disappointment by not getting our hopes up too high. The problem is that when we start to expect the worst to happen, it often does! Most of us are aware of the Law of Attraction, and the idea that what we attract the frequencies and energies we are in resonance with. When we have the belief that the worst will always happen, we start to call that result to us. If we spend time fantasizing about the many ways an upcoming situation could go wrong, or mentally walk ourselves through worst-case scenarios, we actually start to attract those outcomes to ourselves. In reality, we are all the Co-Creators of our entire experience, agreeing to everything we encounter with full knowledge and willingness before we incarnate here. When we are born, most of us forget our true inner power and knowing, getting stuck in our stories of blame, victimhood, and disempowerment. In this clearing Bonnie Serratore will free you from the core wounds that established these patterns of catastrophizing the future and expecting the worst to happen. In unraveling these false beliefs, programs, and misconceptions, we are able to create our reality with consciousness and confidence, allowing ourselves to first envision, and then experience the peaceful, harmonious, and Divine future that is our birthright!

Victim Energy

Let go, heal, and explore victim energy that you hold in your body and lifestream. Step into self ownership.


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