Ultimate Abundance Package

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Introducing the Ultimate Abundance Package!
Are you ready to attract abundance, money, and prosperity into your life? Look no further than our Ultimate Abundance Package – a comprehensive program designed to help you unlock your full potential and achieve financial success.

Releasing Slavery and Servitude

Do you feel like you are a slave to your employer, working endless hours with inadequate pay and feeling unappreciated or taken advantage of? Do you feel trapped, but still afraid to “rock the boat” or make any significant life changes? Are you the one person who is always supporting and managing the lives of everyone around you without making time for your own wants and needs? Do you struggle with establishing healthy boundaries or saying “no” to people? When we have these patterns of slavery and servitude running in our subconscious, we may find ourselves in situations where we feel disempowered or indebted to others, telling ourselves we “have to” sacrifice our time, well-being, or sanity in order to feel accepted. We fear that if we don’t keep up with the demands made by our bosses, authority figures, or even our spouses, that we will be left out, abandoned, or rejected. Many times these programs are carried through our ancestral lines and past lives, activating deeply held fears around authority, programs of ownership and the capacity to earn/possess money, and beliefs about our sovereignty and personal power. In this clearing, Bonnie will clear your lifestream of root cause and wounds that are keeping you enslaved to patterns of disempowerment and victimhood. When we are freed from these blocks and limitations, we can finally create our reality in a more conscious and authentic way. It’s time to leave these Old Paradigm beliefs in the past and step into new levels of creation, abundance, and personal responsibility.

From Surviving to Thriving

In your life, are you able to create the experience you want without resistance, or do you find yourself stuck in a scarcity mindset? Do you live paycheck to paycheck, always worrying if there will be enough to go around? Oftentimes, these patterns of surviving, “barely getting by”, or living beyond your means are reflective of a deeper toxic relationship with money and wealth. These repeating dynamics often begin before we are even born. We absorb our parents’ beliefs and programs around money and survival even as we develop in our mother's womb. Past lives spent in times of famine, disease, and scarcity can influence what we experience in this lifetime. These programs and beliefs begin to run our entire lives from our subconscious, dictating how we view the world and the flow of abundance we allow ourselves to receive. We may try by working harder, working longer hours or multiple jobs, or putting ourselves on a shoestring budget, but it still never seems to be enough. Even when we get a little bit ahead, something always shows up and the money goes out again, leaving us in a panic and wondering how we will make ends meet again. Join Bonnie in this clearing where we will break the cycle of survival, allowing you to thrive and create the life you have dreamed of. When we clear out past life agreements, limiting beliefs around money held deep within the subconscious, and programs of lack and fear we can finally step into the abundant flow of the Universe and allow ourselves to partake in the blessed bounty that is our birthright!

Transform Your Misperceptions About Money

There are many beliefs around what money is, many of them negative. The truth is, money is not evil nor the symbol of a greedy capitalist society. It is simply an avenue for our energy to flow, be it through light and abundance or through hardship and chaos. In this Group Energy Clearing, Bonnie will clear all of your energetic bodies so that you can be in right-relationship with money and accept abundance as your true birthright. Whether your financial woes stem from ancestral trauma, external interferences or some other energetic blockage, you will feel more in control of your money, knowing that it is working with you, not against you.

Receiving Abundance

Are you struggling to recieve abundance? Open your being to recieving the abundance of the planet that is your birthright.

Get Lucky!

Join Bonnie for this Group Clearing as she releases past life traumas and oaths, interdimensional interferences, and false beliefs that are blocking you from the luck that already exists within you! After clearing what is in the way of your innate luck, Bonnie will perform an activation to heighten your Divine good fortune so that opportunities that are in your highest good easily manifest.

Money and Abundance

Are you struggling with financial woes? Does debt, lack, or stressful money habits weigh you down? Heal your relationship with money with Bonnie Serratore.

Be a Winner in Life

We don’t always feel like we are a “winner”. We can start to develop deep seated beliefs that we are not enough, that we are not loved and that we are unworthy of affecting our reality. If any of these beliefs are buried in the subconscious we can't ever be a winner in life. Let expert Energy Tracker Bonnie Serratore dissolve those misbeliefs and ridiculous mindsets. She will shift the energies that are holding you back and release that White Flame of divine power, reminding you how loved and successful you truly are. And once you remember the real you, the world will open up to you in ways you never thought possible.


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