Trying to Fill the Never-Ending Void


Do you feel as if you’re trying to compensate for something “missing” inside?
Have you always felt incomplete or lacking in some fundamental way?
Have you turned to substances or destructive behaviors as a way of coping with feeling empty?
When you look around the world today, most people seem content to fill their time with work, intellectual pursuits, and mindless distractions, never bothering to scratch the surface of life any deeper. For spiritually-minded people, though, it’s easy to feel disconnected from Source and caught up in the daily grind or consumed by the struggles and suffering we see all around.
When we feel disconnected from what “fills us up” spiritually, we begin to look for more superficial ways to feel better. Some people may turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, overeating, or other compulsive behaviors to fill the emptiness they feel inside when they are disconnected from Source. Others may throw themselves fully into the physical world, ignoring their spirituality altogether and focusing on having more possessions, amassing more money, or gaining more worldly “success.”
Regardless of what we are pursuing, any time we look outside of ourselves for fulfillment or satisfaction, we set ourselves up for more disappointment and dissatisfaction. When we are able to fully connect to the core of the Divine being we really are at the deepest levels, it allows us to see that we are already whole and complete unto ourselves. We don’t need to have or be anything other than what we already are.
In this clearing, Bonnie will track these feelings of emptiness all the way back to the point where we individuated from Source. Many people still carry these core wounds of separation, setting up misperceptions in the way we experience reality and anchoring patterns of insecurity, lack, and unworthiness into our energetic blueprint lifetime after lifetime. When we are fully connected to the Divine within and all around us, we are finally able to breathe into that never-ending void we once felt and realize that it was never empty to begin with!


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