True Forgiveness


Are you ready to experience true forgiveness and the liberation that comes along with it all? Liberate yourself and experience true forgiveness with Bonnie Serratore! If we could forgive just because we want to, then we would also be able to let go of deeply seeded emotional wounding just because we want to. I hear lots of people say, “oh, just forgive them, you can let it go.” Unfortunately, forgiving really is not as simple as thinking we can forgive. If you have tried it you know it is a journey that takes perseverance, devotion and soul searching. Forgiving is loaded with interferences from past incarnational trauma’s that we have experienced as well as the things we have done to others that hurt them. We have conclusions, beliefs and programming buried in the subconscious that interfere with our ability to “just” forgive. In my world, I see the interferences that affect all human beings. There is so much in and around the body that almost no one knows or sees. These interferences not only affect the host it makes it nearly impossible to be liberated. Spiritual Acceleration is one of the modalities that can actually clear these interferences allowing for true forgiveness with anyone you want including your Self. Liberate yourself with Bonnie Serratore.


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