Too Thin Skinned?


Have you ever been bullied or picked on for being “too sensitive” or “too emotional”?
Does it seem like you are affected by negative emotions, like pain or suffering, more than other people? Do people tell you that you take things too personally?
Many people who consider themselves to be spiritual, artistic, or creative, are empathic or highly sensitive to energies or emotions around them. Having empathy and compassion for the experience of others is a good quality that helps build relationships, promote understanding, and spread kindness and love. Unfortunately, many sensitive people find themselves with poor boundaries, unable to distinguish between their emotions and those of the people around them.
When we have boundaries that are weak or thin, we open ourselves up to everything around us, making us more likely to fall victim to negative emotions, energies, and interferences. Because the boundaries between our outer and the inner worlds are so blurred, it is easy to “take things too personally,” as criticism or suffering that we experience or witness on the outside gets internalized, becoming part of our own inner dialogue and emotional landscape. If unaddressed, poor emotional boundaries can eventually lead to chronic anxiety, depression, or even autoimmune dysfunction as we continue to be battered by the darkness and struggle in the world around us.
In this clearing, Bonnie will strengthen your energetic boundaries and clear out the negative energies, entities, and interferences that were never yours to begin with. It is possible to be sensitive and empathetic to the emotional needs of others without losing your emotional balance or taking everything into yourself. It’s time to get strong! It’s time to own what is ours, release what is not, and embrace our sensitive hearts to make the world around us a better and more compassionate place!


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