The 4 Pillars of the Old Paradigm: Act III Finale- The New Paradigm


May 21st, 2019
In the new paradigm, the cosmic play reaches its finale! We realize that our inner and outer worlds are interconnected. As we free ourselves from Shame, Blame, Guilt, and Resentment, we start to awaken to the knowledge that we have been creating our reality. We have been projecting onto others our beliefs, wounding, and conditioning. We also now realize that it can all be unraveled and we can create anew. We see that we are all infused with the same spirit of aliveness and magic.
The dawn of new possibilities comes with this shift in our awareness. The possibility of a new life unencumbered by fears, illusions, and separateness begins to emerge.
In this clearing, we’ll be bringing you back to the true Source of who you really are – a powerful Being of Light, One with the Divine, having a profoundly human experience, and we will remind you that everything is connected. When this happens, we can bring the wonder of the Divine into our daily experiences.
Through the newfound stillness, trust, and love that open up, we increase our abilities to use our intuition and to allow it to guide us through life and create new pathways for expression and evolution. Now, we can create our lives anew.
Join Ania, Anne, Cat, Deanna, and Joyha in this group clearing on May 21st at 11am MDT – the finale to clearing the 4 pillars of old paradigm series.



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