The 4 Pillars of the Old Paradigm: Act II Guilt/Resentment


May 14th 2019
In this clearing, we will look at all the ways Shame and Blame lead to Resentment and Guilt as we have all experienced the surfacing of our limiting beliefs and past traumas in order to address problems in our relationships, health, finances, careers, and other earthly challenges. Resentment can result when we compare our lives and accomplishments to others, when we feel unloved or not good enough, when we think others are holding us back in some way, or as a result of traumatic and abusive starts in life. As spiritual seekers, we can become resentful of not being more enlightened – feeling like we are doing all the “right” things and still finding ourselves in lack, limitation, exhaustion, and challenging situations with others.
Guilt, feeling like we are doing something wrong, or not doing something we feel we should be doing can be overwhelming and keep us from moving forward in our own power. Often Guilt works in conjunction with Resentment, Shame and Blame to create an unholy grail of victim consciousness. It keeps us stuck in limiting beliefs as we try to take responsibility for our lives and our healing while underneath feeling powerless to truly change. When we become freed from Guilt and Resentment, our hearts open up; love, power and freedom become available and our lives are no longer as dependent on others’ opinions of us.
Join us for Act 2 of “Clearing the 4 Pillars of the Old Paradigm” as our talented Spiritual Accelerators build on the clearing from Act 1 to go deep into the subconscious to release and clear – back to the root cause – the energies that have kept these patterns of human suffering in place. As we clear out these patterns, a new way of being and thinking – a New Paradigm – becomes possible. Once the sources of suffering dissolve, life becomes more peaceful, joyful and fun!



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