The 4 Pillars of the Old Paradigm: Act I Shame and Blame


May 7th,2019
When did we begin our journey into the “shame and blame” way of being? We first come to experience blame when we are quite young, even possibly in our mother’s womb, where we feel and experience the emotions of both parents. As a child, we are shamed for our actions, desires, and needs when they don’t fit into our family’s or society’s belief systems. We become unsafe expressing who we truly are and begin to conform, hiding parts of ourselves that we feel are not allowed to exist. From here, we start to blame others for our fears, triggers, shame and experience a diminishing sense of freedom and permission.
As we continue, we grow and nurture these feelings and behaviors throughout adolescence and into adulthood. We become master actors, not only embodying these pillars within us but also projecting them out onto others. Blame and shame are siblings that share a similar demeaning and negative play. When there is blame, shame follows right behind and vice versa compounding and obscuring the real core issue. Anger, fear, anxiety, physical, and verbal attack are just a few of the many expressions stemming from these two, creating disruption in one’s life.
In this group clearing with Ania, Anne, Cat, Deanna, and Joya ~ you will shift from this outdated mode of existence. You will discover how to free yourself from this habitual way of being, see new openings for freedom and acceptance, and begin to move into the new paradigm.



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