Taming Your Ego


Even if you see yourself as somebody who is selfless, helpful, and humble, if you are human, you have an ego. There is a lot of misinformation about the ego, and most people see the ego as a negative thing. The ego in itself is not necessarily negative at all! Our ego is simply our sense of self. It is the way we distinguish what is “us” from what is “not us.” It allows us to look at ourselves, evaluate our beliefs and behaviors. Without the ego, we couldn’t be proud of our accomplishments, and our sense of self-esteem and individuality depends on it!
Our ego allows us to feel special and unique because we can see how we are different from others. It helps motivate us to grow, learn and be better. The problem begins to arise when we over-identify with our ego. The ego is not who we are deep down inside, as we are all connected to, and a part of Source. We are all the same, only different, and our ego allows us to appreciate those differences, letting Source view itself from multiple perspectives and lenses. When our ego is not in balance, we begin to only focus on those differences. We may feel better than others or decide that we are “more” special, “more” important, or “more”unique than everyone else around us.
When the ego is out of control, we may constantly compare ourselves to others, pointing out their shortcomings or trying to keep up with society’s expectations of us. We may focus on our careers, our appearances, or our wealth as a way to feel okay about ourselves, and making us feel “better than” others based on these factors. We try to control others, and the world around us to make sure our egoic needs are met.
It’s time to rebuild our relationship with our ego and tame it’s negative impulses. When we have a healthy ego, we can live in balance. We become more selfless and open, as we can truly see every other being as equal to us. Taming the ego allows us to live with less stress and more openness to what is happening in our lives right now with appreciation, versus struggling against our ego’s impulses to manage, control, and manipulate our experience. We allow life to show up for us with grace, knowing that we will always be cared for. Join Master Accelerator Bonnie Serratore as she clears out the energetic imprints, old stories, beliefs and past lives that have anchored us to this ego trap!



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