Subconscious Attachment to Suffering


Why do some people seem to attract negative situations into their experience? We are told that through the Law of Attraction that we pull to us the things we focus on or desire. Most people wouldn’t consciously choose to attract suffering into their lives, so why do so many people experience it? Are we meant to suffer as our lot in life? Most of the programs that are running within us are below our levels of conscious awareness. Buried deep inside the subconsciousness of most people is an attachment to their suffering.
Why would people be attached to suffering? Suffering itself means something is unpleasant, uncomfortable, or even miserable. Sometimes this attachment is because people have programs or vows from past lives where they feel like they deserve to be punished, and those promises can still affect us today.
In others, our suffering makes us feel unique or special. We wear our suffering almost like a badge of honor, an example of how much we have been through. These types of feelings can make it hard to let go of these programs of suffering, because we have tied our very identities to these stories. We may feel like letting go of our attachment to the experiences mean that the suffering didn’t “mean anything”.Even if you feel like you have moved past these programs, you can still carry energetic imprints, discarnates, past life contracts, and other energies that have anchored these programs deeply into your energetic and physical bodies.
When we let go of our attachments to suffering, we are able to meet life with a sense of ease and grace. We are able to experience things in our lives, even things we may perceive as “negative” without resisting them. When we stop resisting what shows up in our lives, we begin to live in a state of open acceptance and these programs of suffering can be released. Join Master Accelerator Bonnie Serratore as she unravels these attachments to suffering, leaving you free to experience an entirely new way of showing up in your world, which will change the way the world shows up for you!



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