Stepping Out of Survival Mode


Do you struggle with having enough resources to live a comfortable life? Are you finding yourself living paycheck to paycheck, barely getting by, or moving from one crisis to the next? Do you feel stuck in the cycle of day to day survival, worrying about how you will be able pay your bills, buy groceries, or afford the rent? As Divine co-creators with Source, a joyfully abundant life of prosperity, love, and ease are our birthright, but so few of us seem to be able to step out of our inner “Survival Mode.”
When we are stuck in this pattern of survival, we can’t see past our immediate crisis or situation or envision a time where things will get better. Everything feels like it has hit a critical point, and we feel trapped, alone, and overwhelmed. We often feel anxiety or panic, getting caught up in worries and limping along from one “crisis” to the next. Oftentimes these negative programs are not even our own. We can be impacted by past lives where these patterns actually led to our deaths, programs we took on from our families or society about lack and scarcity, or even oaths/vows you made to live in lack and poverty before you even incarnated.
Join Bonnie in this clearing where we will break the limitations of struggle and survival. When we can look past our day-to-day concerns we are able to see the many ways we are already abundantly blessed. As we unravel the core wounds and traumas that have anchored us into the feeling of “barely making it”, we begin to THRIVE, knowing we are always connected to our abundant Source, and allowing it to manifest through us in every moment!


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