Step into Your Personal Power


Do you feel emotionally oppressed and unable to live your truth?
Are you confused about your life purpose and why clarity is not showing up?
Do you get anxious and frustrated, feeling stuck in your reactions and unable to change them?
This year’s global pandemic and other events have triggered many people’s feelings of powerlessness when facing new realities. Many of us struggle with feeling paralyzed, stuck, or confused, and find some of our deepest core wounds being activated around fear of the unknown, lack of trust in our institutions/communities, the inability to speak our truth, and a sense of helplessness or hopelessness. Conflicting and confusing information from outside sources can trigger inner doubts about our own discernment and ability to successfully navigate our personal growth and future.
In response to stress and anxiety, many people find themselves returning back to detrimental patterns or behaviors, stuck in a vicious cycle and finding it difficult to break free even when they want or try to step into more personal authority. The truth is, no matter how well you intellectually understand that your negative thoughts restrict your possibilities, your reality is governed by subconscious factors far stronger than any argument your mind might make in motivating you to change. The deeper truth is, your soul has been influencing your life outcomes through wounding, agreements, contracts, beliefs and other patterns in order to bring you opportunities to transform these patterns once they are triggered in your life. The truth is, you do not have to be a prisoner of your own subconscious agreements and beliefs. Once you become aware of blocks in your path you can always choose to remove or transform them. You just don’t always know how to do it.
In this clearing with Ofer and Joyha, we will unravel the limiting beliefs and destructive patterns that are blocking your personal evolution and growth. When we are freed from the contracts and agreements that have been preventing us from embodying our personal power, authority, and discernment, we can connect to the core of who we truly are. You ARE worthy and deserving of self-expression and independence. You have powerful hidden gifts and talents that are waiting to be uncovered and embraced. At your core, you are a Divine Being who is free from restrictions or limitations. It is time to make a decision to step into your innermost core and uncover who you truly are!

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