Emotional Detox and Immunity Boost


Have you found yourself trying to meditate your way out of a panic attack during this pandemic, but can’t? Do you go to the grocery store for essentials and come home with a tight chest and difficulty breathing? Are you in constant fear of you or a loved one dying from the Coronavirus? During this time, we are constantly bombarded with fear, doubt, and social discord that we experience through t.v., social media, or even just a conversation with a friend. The more you witness all of the negativity around you and begin to absorb it energetically and physically, your inner world and outer world begin to feed off of each other, creating the perfect cocktail for anxiety, panic, and fear to spiral out of control. Constant obsessing over your health, your finances, or even if you’ll be able to find household essentials at the market take their toll physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The knot in your stomach, the dull headache, your inability to concentrate and sleep all point to the stress that is not only weakening your mental and energetic well-being, but also your physical immune system.
In this group clearing Ofer will remove the toxic accumulation of fear, panic, limiting beliefs around your ability to be healthy, and any other energetic constructs that literally weaken your physical and energetic bodies.
He will activate an energetic immune response that aligns your subtle and physical bodies with protection, well-being and divine connectedness which are essential to keep you living vibrantly through these difficult times.
When you are clear of negative limiting beliefs, you naturally exist in a higher state of immunity, peace, joy, and comforting connection to Source. From here, you are more capable of handling the ups and downs of tumultuous times, and have the resilience to help others, too.
Ofer will activate and align so you can connect to your divine essence through your heart where unconditional love and grace strengthens you to operate at a higher level. When you are connected to yourself, you are also connected to Source and are able to live as the vibrantly healthy Divine Being that you innately are.



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