Special Clearing Event – Feel Like an Alien?


Date & Time: Sunday, January 26th from 11-1 pm MT
Back by popular demand! We know that November’s “Feel Like an Alien?” Special Clearing Event sold out, and many people were unable to sign up for this special live event. We will be offering it again before the new year, so YOU can connect to YOUR intergalactic family this holiday season!

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Do you feel like you belong here on Earth, or do you sometimes feel like a stranger from another planet? Many of us have had past lives on other planets, in other universes or other dimensions. When we incarnated here on this planet, whether it was many lifetimes ago or more recently, many of us have found it hard to relate to this planet and its densities and rules.

If your soul/spirit originated from somewhere other than Earth, you may feel like you have always been weird and different. You may have been the “black sheep” of the family, even when you were a child, wondering why you feel so different from everyone else. You may have a hard time with your human body, or with “human” pursuits such as money and prestige, because they haven’t ever been important to you before you came to Earth! Most “Earth aliens” also feel a deep sense of loss for their home planet, never even realizing why they feel such grief or where it came from.

In this special event with Bonnie Serratore, you will learn all about other planets, realms, and dimensions that YOU might have called home at some point! Bonnie will choose 2 or 3 participants from the class for a special demonstration which will also benefit all who are on the call. There will then be time for feedback and questions, and Bonnie with then perform a group clearing for all of the participants in order to clear out anything preventing you from connecting to your past lives in other worlds and this current planet we now live on. After that, Bonnie will perform a special activation to connect YOU with YOUR home planet, and past lives you spent outside of this Earth realm. When we re-establish these connections, we start to feel more connected to our lives now. There is a reason you chose to be born here on earth now. Join Bonnie as she bridges these connections, allowing you to embrace these past lives and feel more grounded and connected to your current earthly reality as well as to your “alien” family!

This special 2-hour event will be held via Zoom and is limited to no more than 95 participants! You will be “face to face” with Bonnie and the other participants and will have a chance to speak directly with Bonnie and ask your questions in the session! You will be provided with a Zoom link to connect to the call in an email after your purchase.

Testimonials from November’s event:

“Thoroughly enjoyed this interactive session. I followed along with the first demonstration and returned to my original home planet. I was completely surprised by where I originally come from. A beautiful clearing. Would definitely do it again”
-Linda B.

“After the event I felt a sense of being more grounded and calm. Everything seemed more crisp, brighter, and expansive. I truly felt a sense of being at ease with being here on planet Earth and not like an outcast.”


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