Special Clearing Event – Coronavirus: Coping with Chaos


Please Note: We are now offering this special group clearing with the option of selecting how much you can pay. We want to make this clearing accessible to everyone during this difficult time and simply trust that people are honest and can contribute whatever they can afford.


Do you find yourself reacting to each piece of bad news you receive? Suddenly, fear takes over and you feel further away from peace than ever.

But beneath this fear is love, unconditional love. Unfortunately, old emotional wounding sits in the way, making it impossible for you to relax and receive this love. This is your golden opportunity to Join Bonnie for a special energetic clearing on coping with chaos. You will leave this clearing feeling more at peace with what’s happening and less reactive to changes or events in your day-to-day life. Crisis can either separate us or bring us closer to one another. This new paradigm is about unity, compassion, and understanding. It’s about awakening instead of leaning into fear and hysteria. It’s about clearing what’s in the way of sinking into love. Our special guests, Jennifer Hough and William Linville, share powerful insights on embodying love during huge transitions. Jennifer Hough is a seer, awakening alchemist, and best-selling author. She shares guidance on harmonizing with nature on the level of physics. William Linville is a walken, personal coach, and author. He offers a playful take on stepping into creator consciousness and opening to your full potential.


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