SJGM – Awakening through Self Nurturing


Date: August 25th, 2020 @ 11 am
Join Accelerator Rosa Catmull in her “Soul Journey Guided Meditations” series.Do you feel lost in the clutter of life with work, paying bills, family needs, and more?
Allowing yourself to become engulfed in this mess, can weighed down your soul, and suddenly, achieving happiness, fulfilment, and spiritual growth begins to feel like a pipe dream.
If you feel these examples match your life, your soul is asking you to take time out of your day to nurture yourself. Though it may seem like a difficult challenge to bring yourself into priority again, in Rosa Catmull’s next Soul Journey Guided Meditation, she will give you everything you need to make yourself a priority again.
With her guidance, you will dive into the depth of your soul and watch all past contracts, ancestral karma, and beliefs that are keeping you prisoner fade away. Afterwards, you will be presented with the ways in which your soul wants to be nurtured, and some examples of these practices would include meditation, getting more sun, reading, or simply giving yourself a second to take a deep breath and relax. Do not let the commotion of life take away your happiness and spiritual growth.
You can have the control of yourself and your soul, so take it!
Open yourself to the wonders of personal growth that occurs with soul nurturing!


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