SJGM – Aligning with Your Highest Path


Date: Tuesday, June 30th at 11:00 am MDT
Join Accelerator Rosa Catmull in her “Soul Journeys Guided Meditations” series. If you struggle with staying grounded and centered in your body, these topic-driven guided meditations will help you to Relax, Release and Restore, your mind, body, and spirit.
In this bi-weekly meditation series with Rosa, you will be led through various guided meditations to help you achieve deep levels of relaxation, wisdom, and healing. These meditations will include guided journeys and visualizations as well as mindfulness practices to increase your awareness and consciousness in each moment.
In our next Soul Journey Meditation, we will embrace and align with our highest path. Change is essential if we want to expand into more freedom, growth, and transformation. When we resist change, our energy becomes stagnant and we start to feel “stuck.” These are powerful times of expansion, and we ALL have the opportunity to open our hearts, embrace our highest dimensional alignment, and walk a new path of ease, guidance, and confidence.
This is YOUR time to stand sovereign as you allow your old struggles and pain to be left behind, claiming a new Divine alignment with the total and infinite abundance of Universal Source. Join Rosa in this powerful meditation where she will assist you in stepping onto your highest path, unlocking your highest potential for success and joy!


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