“Should-ing” All Over Yourself


Do you often tell yourself the things you “should” be doing?
Have you become more focused on your “shoulds” than your actual desires?
Are you “should-ing” all over yourself?
“I should meditate more. I really should be drinking more water every day. I should finally start that exercise routine that I’ve been neglecting” Most of us have a daily list of the things we tell ourselves we should be doing, or that we should feel more grateful, more excited, more motivated. When we are locked into our sh*tty list of “shoulds,” we lose track of what we actually want, and we separate ourselves from the Divine flow of the Universe.
Oftentimes, we are our own harshest critics. After internalizing the standards, beliefs, and ideas that were pressed onto us while we were growing up, we got the idea that we have to fix and manage ourselves to live up to some external set of standards. When we tell ourselves we should be doing something, it implies resistance. If we actually wanted to do it we would be doing it already!
When we are stuck in our “shoulds”, we become disempowered and set ourselves up for failure before we even start. We feel shameful because we think we should want to do certain things, so we get even more self-critical and judgmental for resisting. Our shame and overwhelm can cause us to lock up, making us less likely to act and only adding to our self-imposed shame. How many times have you looked at an exhaustive to-do list only to spend the day feeling overwhelmed and getting nothing done at all?
It’s time to finally drop our list of “shoulds” for the more empowered energies of “I will,” “I want,” and “I create.” In this powerful clearing, Bonnie will help you drop the beliefs, programs, and interferences keeping you stuck in shame, guilt, and disempowerment. Let’s drop the false standards and get in touch with what we are passionate about creating for ourselves!

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