Shielded by Sarcasm


Many people go through life never knowing who they really are. This type of living leads to fake smiles, pseudo-dreams, and a life without purpose. In order to learn how to be happy and feel content, we must love and accept ourselves first. But in the end, our true identity takes a back seat and our energies shift toward creating our public, fake personas.
Some people may hide behind money, some behind a fancy college education, and some hide behind the mask of sarcasm.

Sarcasm can be hilarious, but it can also leave scars that last a lifetime. It can become a gateway to avoid intimacy or a passive-aggressive cover for hidden anger. Many people don’t perceive the connection between chronic sarcasm, hostility, or simply underlying rage. Some were raised with it, and so they see it as normal, yet they can’t seem to figure out why their lives aren’t progressing and their relationships don’t seem to materialize.

Sarcasm can be a great mask to hide behind. You can lay low and retreat behind your wit, your pretension, and the false you. However dropping the charade and exposing the real you is much more entertaining, more honest, and more real. In this clearing, Bonnie will help you illuminate the way to a more truthful existence and embrace your authentic self.


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