Sexual Shame


Do you feel at home with your sexuality? When you think about sex what feelings arise within you? Does it bring up feeling of shame, guilt or low self-esteem? Many times, past traumas, religious or cultural programming and conditioning have led us to believe that sex is dirty, shameful or unnatural.
Sex is meant to be enjoyed with an open heart so that we can share the most intimate parts of ourselves with another. When we have blocks around shame we are unable to fully embrace our most liberated, open and loving selves. Blocks to healthy liberated sexuality can come from many places. The concept of Original Sin from religious texts, cultural influences telling women and men how to behave, even past lives can all contribute to feelings of shame and guilt around sex.
When you become freed from shame around sex, you can embrace your relationships with an openness and passion that will allow you to connect more to those you love. You become more free from judgment, you embrace every part of yourself and you step into every aspect of your life from a more authentic and liberated place



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