Setting Healthy Boundaries


Do your relationships tend to be difficult or dramatic?
Is it tough to communicate to others what you think and want?
Are you tending to everyone else but yourself?
In our frenetic world, it’s easy to slip into the habit of saying “yes” to things we don’t want to do.
Your sister asks you to babysit (again) when you need to prepare for an important work presentation. Or your neighbor asks to borrow your car and returns it an hour late, leaving you scrambling to get to the grocery store. If you often feel overwhelmed with the commitments and favors of others, you may need to implement healthy boundaries.
Boundaries are the necessary line drawn within a relationship or other aspect of your life that ensures fairness and equality. Boundaries are not to limit your joy but to protect your joy. They can help you take responsibility for your actions, needs, wants, and emotions without taking on the responsibility of others.
Without healthy boundaries, relationships can fall apart and make life problematic. In love, family, friendship, and work, all parties must be respected or honored. Without this understanding, you may feel used, ashamed, or exploited just because you don’t want to let someone down. You are not a “bad person” for setting healthy boundaries.
In this powerful clearing ,Bonnie will help you discover new ways to establish healthy peripheries around your relationships so you feel valued, appreciated, and respected. If your boundaries are weak, you may find yourself constantly at the mercy of others. It may be uncomfortable at first, but when you find your comfort zone, you’ll ease your stress and liberate a more honest, more confident you.

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