Self Love Package

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Anchor self-love into your life with Bonnie Serratore’s Self-Love Package. Through this four-part video clearing series, you will go in depth into all of the ways you are not accepting or loving yourself and step more fully into a state of self-love and acceptance.

Self Acceptance

Do you feel accepted by others? What blocks are you feeling to experience acceptance in any aspect of your life?

Self Sabotage

What does your self-sabotage look like? What wounding does it stem from? Begin to heal these old wounds and insecurities in this group clearing with Bonnie Serratore.

Standing In Your Truth (Speaking Your Truth)

Many people come into the world feeling like it's not okay to be themselves. Buying into the thought form that it's not okay to tell the truth. We don't want to risk somebodies approval by speaking up because we might lose them, feel ostracized, or judged. Being tortured in this way anchors these traumas into the soul imprint. This clearing not only helps gain back your truth but also empowers you to stand up for yourself. To stop being taken advantage of, to stop letting others walk all over you, and to start claiming your life again!


Do you crave intimacy? Are your relationships struggling? Do your relationships feel scary? There is tremendous power in allowing yourself to be seen! This is a huge trigger for most of humanity that hinders us from being seen as our true selves. Without the ability to be seen by your partner - to truly be witnesssed - the intimacy you crave will never come to fruition. Come together with you partner with bravery and courage! Create a partnership and a team that will truly be supportive and expansive. Join Bonnie Serratore in clearing interfering energy that is hindering you from creating intimacy in your relationships.


Bonnie Serratore brilliantly guides you through welcoming yourself in all ways, breaking through limitations and barriers that are keeping you stuck.

When we are not in a place of self-love, the world feels like a limited, cold, and small place. We hear voices of criticism and self-punishment. We often feel a strong desire to be someone other than who we are. When we step into the space of self-love, our world expands and we feel the Universe embrace us without condition. Our incessant mind chatter quiets and we accept ourselves… completely.

Bonnie’s Self-Love Package includes four full-length videos on Self-Acceptance, Self-Sabotage, Speaking Your Truth, and In-To-Me-See. Each video is one hour long and is available for you to watch over and over as you embody and embrace these teachings. Invest in yourself and permanently shift into a self-love state of being.


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