Resentment: The Over Giver


It is a beautiful thing to give to other people. It is our natural state of being to support one another. But there is a line that is crossed when we are giving to other people before we take care of ourselves. We may place more importance on others’ needs above our own. We can become resentful of other people and their needs. You may not even be asked to help you just offer. Or you have learned that “yes” is easier to say than “no.” Over giving is a cycle that can lead to illness and disconnection from our own needs. We can become so focused on other people that we wither in the absence of our own attention. These resentments can fester and cause deeper miscommunications and self harm. What if there were balance? What might that feel like to care for yourself with as much attention that you give to other people?

In this Semi-Private session, Bonnie will work with these underlying patterns that have supported there being too much attention on other people. She will help you unravel the fixations that have led to these habits and help you bring your awareness back into your own body to know yourself more fully. Bonnie will work individually and with the group to identify and resolve energy patterns that have hindered you from being in balance in relationship with other people and also with yourself. You will naturally come back to your center when you let go of leaving yourself.


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