Releasing Slavery and Servitude


Do you feel like you are a slave to your employer, working endless hours with inadequate pay and feeling unappreciated or taken advantage of? Do you feel trapped, but still afraid to “rock the boat” or make any significant life changes? Are you the one person who is always supporting and managing the lives of everyone around you without making time for your own wants and needs? Do you struggle with establishing healthy boundaries or saying “no” to people?
When we have these patterns of slavery and servitude running in our subconscious, we may find ourselves in situations where we feel disempowered or indebted to others, telling ourselves we “have to” sacrifice our time, well-being, or sanity in order to feel accepted. We fear that if we don’t keep up with the demands made by our bosses, authority figures, or even our spouses, that we will be left out, abandoned, or rejected. Many times these programs are carried through our ancestral lines and past lives, activating deeply held fears around authority, programs of ownership and the capacity to earn/possess money, and beliefs about our sovereignty and personal power.
In this clearing, Bonnie will clear your lifestream of root cause and wounds that are keeping you enslaved to patterns of disempowerment and victimhood. When we are freed from these blocks and limitations, we can finally create our reality in a more conscious and authentic way. It’s time to leave these Old Paradigm beliefs in the past and step into new levels of creation, abundance, and personal responsibility.

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