Releasing Indecision and Finding Clarity


Does choosing what to wear to a party put you into a panic?
Do you become paralyzed when trying to decide whether or not to take a new job?
Are you terrified that the choices you make will be wrong, chaotic, or harmful?

At times we have all felt the weight of consequence bearing down. The fear of making a wrong decision is one of many reasons we hesitate when faced with important choices. You may be afraid of failure, lack confidence, or even fear the consequences of success.

Indecision usually signals a lack of self-confidence. It may seem that cementing your choices feels fraught with failure or unforeseen consequences and committing to one choice bears too much responsibility. As a response you find yourself hesitating, procrastinating, overthinking, or constantly deferring to others to avoid making your own decisions.

In this session, Bonnie will help you clear the way for less stress, better communication, and more joy. Once you’ve recalibrated your keen intuition again you’ll find that work gets done faster, you’re free to do what you love, and you can enjoy your beautiful life. So take a step back. Breathe deep, and choose to believe in your own power.


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