Releasing Energetic Debris


You know the scene; you haven’t been eating well and sleep is eluding you. You’re living on caffeine and not so healthy food, while terrifying, breaking news floods your living room. And what might be the worst habit of all, you’re walking around with your second chakra wide open-soaking up massive amounts of toxicity.
It seems our whole world is radiating negative vibrations and adrenaline. We’re exhausted, our systems out of balance, and jam-packed with stress. The stressors of our modern world can cause a toxic build-up of harmful energetic debris inside us, slowing or even blocking our body’s natural flow of life force.
Sensitive people, such as empaths and healers, are incredibly vulnerable to energetic debris. Around co-workers, in crowds or at social events, they can easily become emotional sponges that can absorb the volatile energies surrounding them. But around peace and love, an empath’s body can assimilate these positive energies and flourish. Join Master Accelerator Bonnie Serratore in this helpful clearing that will free your energetic fields from toxic negative energies that don’t even belong to you. As we release these interferences, more of your own life force can occupy your physical and etheric bodies, leaving you feeling stronger and more present to your life experience.


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