The most painful feeling when we transition from this body to the other side is Regret. With regret we will continue to punish ourselves, blame ourselves and oftentimes we will undermine ourselves believing we don’t deserve love until the emotional trauma of regret is cleared. It doesn’t just go away.
Everyone of us has regrets from the past. Throughout our lives and especially as we age, our regrets pile up. As we reflect on these experiences we may wish we had made different choices; it’s the, “If only’s, the what if’s, the could haves and should haves” that destroys us emotionally and continues to haunt us. It’s a feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and despair.
We all know that we can’t change the past yet the feeling of holding on and spinning the story time after time is relentless. No matter what we do we just can’t shake the feeling of regret.
Think about regret. Think about all the regrets you have right now. And notice that no matter what you do, you are not able to let these regrets go. That’s because you aren’t able to find the seed, the core root of regret including all the times you caused harm or hurt another intentionally or unintentionally. By unraveling and clearing all the energy connected to regret, we are liberated.
Liberated means we show up in life much bigger. We are freer to express our needs, wants, desires and sharing ourselves in ways we didn’t know was possible. We actually begin to have true intimacy. In-To-Me-See. It’s what we all long for.
Give yourself the gift of liberating your regrets so you don’t continue to feed that hungry ghost that feeds off the energy of regret and perpetuates more and more of the same!
Let’s start the New Year fresh, being more authentic, dancing our own dance, singing our own song and sharing the beautiful gift of ourselves!! It’s what we are actually here to do.


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