Radical Self-Love with Eva and Zhayra


Radical self-love means making healthy choices no matter what. It means choosing the path that leads to the highest ground, and it means choosing what is truly best for your own personal healing and growth. It’s the strength with which you can conquer self-defeating thoughts that come your way.

When we view ourselves from the outside and prepare for the life we want to build, the real work begins from within. Radical self-love is embracing and existing in a state where you finally understand at your core that you’re worthy and enough- no matter what flaws and shortcomings you may have as a person. When you attain the power of self-love, you are imbued with confidence and embody everything you need within you.
You no longer have to chase love to fill the void in your soul left by feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy. When you truly love yourself, you know exactly who you are and who you’re not. This power gives you the confidence to face whatever battles life throws your way, no matter how difficult or insurmountable they may seem.

When you’re experiencing more self-compassion builds resilience in the face of adversity, helping people to recover more quickly from trauma or romantic separation. It also helps us to better cope with failure or embarrassment. In this clearing, Accelerators Eva and Zhayra will help you understand the concept of radical self-love and feel content and beautiful inside and out!

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