Overcoming Temptation


Do you determine things to be “off limits” and then find yourself even more tempted? Have you struggled with diet, an exercise routine, or avoiding substances or behaviors that don’t serve you?
Do you find that trying to avoid temptation makes it even more, well, tempting?
Most of us have an inner knowing about what is “good” for us, and what may be less helpful from a physical, emotional, or spiritual standpoint. So why do so many of us struggle trying to avoid the things that aren’t serving us? Whether you have dietary restrictions, addictions to substances or detrimental behaviors, or harmful relationships, it seems like the more we try to resist, the more tempted we get.
You may be familiar with the phrase “what you resist persists.” When we are actively resisting against something that we want on some level, it not only creates struggle and tension within ourselves, but it attracts that very thing into our existence since we are spending so much time focusing on it. Sometimes the very fact that we have “forbidden” something to ourselves will set off inner programs around rebellion and “following orders,” triggering limiting beliefs about not deserving and not having enough, and rewiring us so that we are constantly thinking about exactly what we are trying to avoid. We start to feel anxiety in our physical bodies, and our scarcity programs get triggered. We feel like we NEED whatever it is we have been obsessing over, and as our angst flares, we become even more tempted to give in just to feel more peace of mind and trying to avoid giving to feel some relief.
In this clearing, Bonnie will unravel the triggers and programs that keep you in this cycle of temptation and struggle. She will clear your life stream of past lives where patterns of scarcity, self-punishment, and withholding have been anchored into your energetic blueprint, allowing you to make more empowering choices. When we are able to release our resistance and our avoidance, we release the vibration of temptation and allow ourselves to make better decisions, not because we are told to or because we “should,” but because it’s what we actually want for ourselves!

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