Overcoming Laziness and Procrastination


Often the biggest hurdle to getting something done is simply starting. When you can’t bring yourself to make that first step, your list of “shoulds” quickly piles up. As you put more tasks off until next time, that pile can grow into an insurmountable barrier of self beratement and feelings of inadequacy. If you let these limiting thoughts gain traction, a detrimental loop of procrastination and feelings of ineptitude become ingrained in your mind and that groove becomes harder and harder to get out of. This then leads to the question, are you truly lazy or has your limiting inner monologue immobilized you from taking action?

In this group clearing, Bonnie will eradicate stagnating beliefs around your ability to achieve your goals, past and present traumas that have created roadblocks to your success, and any foreign entities blocking your impetus to go for what you want and need to do. Once your energetic bodies have been cleared, you will more effortlessly be able to connect to the Divine as a source of motivation and right action, feeling joy and self-confidence in your accomplishments.


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