Opening Our Heart to the Truth of Who We Are


In the core of every being is the frequency of pure Love & Light. But little do we know that our own pure love and frequency could become blocked or covered by life’s true traumas and pain. Our true feelings develop very early in life when we discover that our curiosity seemed wrong. Our parents let us know by their actions that we were doing something wrong, not living up to their expectations, and our life experiences continue to give us more evidence proving we’re “simply not good enough.” So we close our hearts, lose our joy, happiness, spontaneity- not even knowing when we lost it.

This next exciting clearing from Bonnie will show you how to see yourself for the True Spirit you hold at your core. She will help you remove the negative filters and obstacles that have been placed on that light by yourself and others so you can see the natural, beautiful, energy you radiate to the universe. Once you see how bright that energy is, you can shine it for the world to see the real you.



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