Obesity Series: Clearing Trauma and Abuse


The Small Group Energy Clearing on Clearing Trauma and Abuse, led by Certified Accelerator Saroja (Rosie) Nimaggadda, is a crucial part of her three-part series on obesity. This clearing focuses on the profound impact that past trauma and abuse can have on an individual’s relationship with their body. Many people unconsciously use weight as a protective mechanism, creating a barrier to shield themselves from further harm. By making themselves seem less appealing, they hope to avoid experiencing the pain and vulnerability of past traumas again. This emotional and psychological coping strategy can lead to a complicated relationship with their body and self-worth.

Saroja (Rosie) will facilitate the release of deep-seated trauma and abuse that have manifested as physical weight. In a safe and supportive environment, participants will be guided to let go of these protective layers, allowing them to heal and reclaim their bodies. This clearing aims to dismantle the emotional barriers that have been built up over time, enabling participants to move forward with a renewed sense of safety and self-acceptance. By addressing the root causes of their weight, individuals can begin to experience true freedom and peace with their bodies.

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