Never “Perfect” Enough?


Do you have trouble accepting yourself as you are right now?
Are you telling yourself that you will get the job, relationship, or rewards you want only when you get it just right?
Do you have excessive expectations for yourself or berate yourself when you get things wrong?
While we all know that it is always desirable to do our best and be our best selves, problems start to arise when we compare ourselves to other people or to predetermined standards set up by ourselves or others. In reality, we know that there really is no such thing as “perfect.” The idea of something being perfect implies that there is a standard or measuring up that we have to align with in order to be good enough. In most people, patterns of perfectionism point to core beliefs like “I’m not good enough,” “I am unlovable,” and “I’m a bad person.”
When we believe that we have to be a certain way, or that events or other people have to be “just right” for us to be happy, we are operating under the false conclusion that events outside of us are responsible for the way we feel. Spending our time and energy trying to live up to the unrealistic ideal of “perfection” often leaves us feeling shame or guilt when we are unable to measure up. We may start to experience performance anxiety, or even stop trying new things that we fear we may fail at. We start to limit ourselves,
Join Bonnie Serratore in this powerful clearing where we will unravel your beliefs around perfection, healing the core beliefs and wounds keeping you stuck in struggle, comparison, competition, and insecurity. When we release our expectations and beliefs around how things “should” be, we can relax into the moment and enjoy the life we are already living. We can finally come to the understanding that everything we experience is already perfect for our evolution and growth in every moment of our lives.



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