Negative Relationships Patterns


Have you felt stuck in the same pattern of relationships?
Sometimes we seem to keep meeting the same kind of people, experiencing the same challenges, disappointments and even heart aches.
We can feel as if we are stuck in the same story creating discouragement about being in any kind of a relationship.
Negative relationship patterns tend to makes us long even more for that relationships where we can feel appreciated, respected, valued; longing to interact in positive proactive ways.
This relationship can be with our friends, family member or even intimate relationships. As a result of the dysfunction of the relationships we can often develop negative conclusions and frustrations about ourselves. Often feeling like a victim, disempowered and even angry with ourselves for choosing the same type of relationships over and over.
This clearing is led by the SA Team of Accelerators and it focusses on releasing the energetic patterns, attachments and conclusions that you have created as a result of any negative relationships.
Receive the freedom you have been seeking, restore your confidence in your ability to align with positive, nurturing relationships.
Change your world by changing the way you relate to others. You are deserving of the harmony, support, cooperation and love that you seek.
Through this clearing you can release all those involved in love and light!



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