Meditation Package: 3 meditations


Daily meditations: Three of Bonnie’s favorite daily meditations to be used morning, mid-day and at night time



Morning Meditation

This meditation is recommended to be used when you wake up, as soon as you start to have consciousness, and before you get out of bed. As you wake up & come into your body, this meditation will help you retrieve all your soul pieces after your soul travels at night.

Midday Meditation

This meditation is best used during the day. In these guided steps, you will clear out other peoples energy that’s in your personal space, protect yourself from other peoples energy from coming in, and claim your body to prevent any other unwanted energies from coming in.

Nighttime Meditation

This meditation is best used at night as you start to fall asleep. In these guided steps, you are relaxing the body so it can heal itself while your soul is out exploring when you sleep. You’ll give the go-ahead to get rid of everything interfering from allowing your body to full be rested.


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