Masterclass Karma


Firstly, we need to remember that as a Soul evolving, we want to have as many experiences as we can in order to Know thyself, and, to know Creation/God. When we make an agreement to have certain experiences we forget that we agreed. Once we are in the physical form, we are blinded by this reality and completely forget all that we agreed to experience. Because of this, we become victims of our traumas rather than understanding that we wanted to have these experiences in order to evolve. The reason we create Karma is because of forgetting. Rather than dealing with our creations, we recreate them over and over again. It’s a cycle that must be broken to move forward in the New Paradigm. How many times do we need to hurt each other, abandon, reject, harm, and destroy each other, have physical and emotional maladies? We have done the same things hundreds of times over. The time is now to stop the insanity and move forward in life to joy, peace, happiness, compassion, and love. All conclusions, beliefs, programming, limiting experiences, etc., are completely running your life. Everything that has happened in your past you have brought forth as Karma.



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