Lifting Barriers to Love


When you think of receiving love is there an angst? A physical sensation that feels like it is blocking your ability to feel love? Or maybe it’s an emotional sensation that is indescribable.
No matter what the reason is, our ability to feel love is paramount to our happiness. In our conscious mind we may think we are open to love, yet the telling is in what we are experiencing in our lives. I hear so many people wanting and needing to be in relationship because that is truly loving. Yet when I ask how much can you feel love from others, many people say they can’t feel it from others even when they are being told they are loved.
Receiving love includes the ability to receive love, acknowledgments, compliments, gifts, awards, assistance, support, help, etc. When you feel into any of these ways of feeling loved, how does that feel? Do you boo hoo people acknowledging you, or resist taking gifts? Can you feel a little shy to accept words of appreciation, acknowledgments or help? These are all emotional barriers to feeling love.
When we have a barrier to receiving love it doesn’t matter how much your mind says you want more love, more appreciation, more joy & happiness, you will not be able experience it. You will not manifest your desire. When we don’t get the love we want, we blame it on someone or something else. We are not realizing that we are actually the cause of our suffering.
Let’s take a chance and for a moment believe that you are Creator incarnate, made in the image of Creation, God, Source. Now you all know God isn’t a human being. To be made in the image of God is to be Creation in physicality. You are Creator incarnate, creating your reality every day. No one but you are putting up the barriers to love. Something is buried in your subconscious that is dictating your life.
Join Bonnie and unravel these interferences, beliefs, conclusions and points of view that are buried in the subconscious creating your reality and discover that you are loved, that you are love, and it is the best feeling ever!


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