Late Night Mind Chatter


Do you find yourself lying awake at night with racing thoughts that you can’t turn off?
When you lay down to sleep, is your body tired but your mind feels wide awake?
Do you lose sleep at night because you’re anxious or fixated on your “to do list”?
One of the most common health issues many people deal with today is insomnia. While there may be physical reasons for our inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, for many people racing thoughts or incessant mind chatter are the culprit for sleepless nights.
Maybe you can’t stop going over your to-do list, or you keep remembering things you’ve forgotten about during the day. Sometimes, this mental chatter can take a more negative route, reminding us of our insecurities, looping over painful memories, or worrying about things that may not even happen. The more we can’t sleep, the more anxious we get about not being able to sleep, feeding a vicious cycle of frustration or hopelessness.
When we are unable to sleep, we become weakened energetically. Our physical bodies cannot rest or repair themselves and we feel worn down, anxious, depressed, and irritable while our energy bodies are wide open and unprotected.
In this powerful clearing, Bonnie will remove any interferences, entities, or implants contributing to this mental chatter while calming your nervous system and strengthening your energy bodies, allowing you to be more sovereign in your space and resistant to outside influences. Join Bonnie in this clearing to release the mental noise and reclaim your space, allowing your body and mind to receive the rest and respite that they’ve been craving.


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