Intuitive Empowerment Package


This package includes 6 clearings:
Owning Your Abilities,
Strengthen Your Intuition,
Standing in Your Truth,
Present Your gifts,
Persecuted Healer,
You Create Your Life 100%

Owning Your Abilities

Are you ready to be YOU? Does the thought of sharing your gifts have you running in the other direction? Stand strong in your abilities and gifts with this powerful group clearing. Are you having trouble being seen? Clear out the fear that is stopping you from fully sharing and expressing yourself with the world. Begin standing in your truth and light with confidence, ease, and clarity. Tap into your full potential and own your abilities with Bonnie Serratore!

Strengthen Intuition

Are you wanting deeper access to your intuition and the energetic field? You are an infinite being and have infinite guidance available to you. Go direct, unblock your cosmic connection, and being to receive more depthful guidance, intuition, and intuitive information. Often when we are disconnected from our intuition we feel lost, out of touch, confused, alone and abandoned by god.

Standing In Your Truth (Speaking Your Truth)

Many people come into the world feeling like it's not okay to be themselves. Buying into the thought form that it's not okay to tell the truth. We don't want to risk somebodies approval by speaking up because we might lose them, feel ostracized, or judged. Being tortured in this way anchors these traumas into the soul imprint. This clearing not only helps gain back your truth but also empowers you to stand up for yourself. To stop being taken advantage of, to stop letting others walk all over you, and to start claiming your life again!

Present Your Gifts

Step into your gifts fully! Start playing big by claiming, owning, and sharing your unique superpowers.

The Persecuted Healer

Do you fear being persecuted for using your healing gifts? Witch hunts have been an archetype throughout time and have created much wounding within the intuitive community. The healers, the intuitives, and gifted people among us, all have an incredible entanglement. Begin to let go of this energy, clear the trauma of being prosecuted for your gifts, and move beyond this frequency of persecution. Allow yourself to fully step into your gifts and claim the power you know is yours, and release your fear of persecution with Bonnie Serratore!

You Create Your Life 100%

Step into self authorship and pull out of the victim mindset with Bonnie Serratore.


Everybody on the planet has their own unique blend of intuitive abilities! If you find that you are having trouble connecting to your own intuition, or are doubting the intuitive guidance you receive, this package can address what may be standing in your way! Many of these blocks to owning our intuitive abilities can come from past lives where we claimed our gifts and were persecuted, shunned, feared, or even killed. This can cause subconscious blocks to stepping into these gifts in this lifetime. This package has everything you need to address past lives, childhood traumas, religious programming, and fears that are preventing you from opening to and expressing your intuitive gifts!


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