In-Joy Stress-Free Holidays!


Stress is a feeling that we all would love to keep out of our lives. It actually causes dis-ease in the body and leads to physical ailments over time. In part, we have bought into the misperception of reality that what we think is important actually is not. Our minds conjure up non realities all the time about the future, what things will look like and what will happen. None of which is true or real. Rarely we are we correct when we are on the mind train taking us down a one way track to suffering, caused by ourselves! Have you ever had an experience where you couldn’t let go of a thought? Where you stressed about it over and over for days, weeks, months, years? Are you stressed about this coming holiday season? Gift giving, uncaring family, work pressures, and all the trimmings? There are many kinds of stress. The feelings of the pressure, the strain, the anxiety, the difficulties and troubles of life are ever present. In truth, when the subconscious is clear of past trauma, grief and negative feelings, we do not have the same experience of stress. Spiritual Acceleration addresses the issues and frequencies that cause us stress by clearing the traumas and conclusions of the past. Know this, we can change our future by changing our past. Release your stress this holiday season with Bonnie Serratore.

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