I’m Not Good Enough


“I’m not good enough” can pervade every part of our life experience. It can prevent us from owning any achievement and can have us constantly downplaying or criticizing our accomplishments. It can keep us from going after our true desires, believing that we don’t deserve it or could never achieve it. On the flip side, it can lead us to set impossibly high standards in our lives just to prove that we are enough; expectations that we are never able to fulfill and thus reinforcing the belief that ‘I’m not good enough’.
Many of us feel the weight of this wound in our daily life. Whatever we do or say, we can never be enough, whole, or even ok. These feelings have an anchor in our past; a moment in which our ‘not good enough’ belief was formed. These deep-seated convictions rarely originate from our current life. They have instead accrued over many lifetimes, like dark rocks of pain that we drag along behind us from incarnation to incarnation.
These wounds blind us to our most incredible qualities. By releasing the wounds of your past, you will begin to wake up a deeper truth and understanding – that you are truly enough just as you are, a precious spark of Divinity remembering itself through human form. What if you felt and knew that you were enough? When you know from this deepest level that you are enough, your whole world begins to change around you.
When we are no longer filtering our experiences through a belief of intrinsic wrongness, this feeling of not being good enough, we will be able to recognize the sacredness of our uniqueness, and our gifts will start to become more available. By waking up to the truth of who you are, it will remind others of their truth as well. From knowing more of our true essence, more possibilities are suddenly available and a deeper sense of fulfillment and happiness are accessible.
Join our Accelerators Cat Gelinas, Chris Williams, Ania Danecka, and Abbey Pilgeram in this group clearing where they will release the past traumas and belief systems around ‘not being good enough’. From clearing the impression of not being good enough from your emotions, subconscious, and soul imprint, it will enable you to recognize more of your Divine essence and experience joy in your own rightness.



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