How to work with Spirit Guides


Date & Time : Friday, May 21st at 12:00 pm MDT

Do you sometimes feel guided by an unseen force?
How do you pay back a karmic debt from beyond?
Have you ever had a bird, fox, or other creature visit you in nature or a dream?

You might have just met your Spirit Guide.

Your Spirit Guide is a nonphysical being assigned to help a soul attain its greatest potential on Earth. From the perspective of quantum physics, they may be an unrealized form of conscious energy capable of interaction with the material world. They can go by many names and appear in many guises, but every culture on the planet has had some mention of them in folklore and myth.

There are times when we stand at a crossroads in our life. We must make choices but uncertainty and moral dilemmas cloud the path we need to take. A Guide is a spirit that comes forth to not just shepherd you through the trials of your life but to help you understand their lessons, working subtly, by creating synchronicities to bring you into greater awareness. The number of Spirit Guides you have varies within each person’s needs in facing challenges on their journeys. Some may be with you throughout your entire life and some may appear only once to assist you in more difficult challenges on your spiritual path.

In this illuminating new workshop, Bonnie will teach you to recognize the different types of spirits around you, how to change your frequency to connect to them, how to repay a karmic debt from beyond, and how to go direct to Source so you can find and understand the trails your Guides have left for you to follow. Once you start to pick up on their elusive signs you can see the safe and secret path to take. Their ways are often mysterious so be aware. Your “lesson” may not come with a shout, but a whisper on the wind.


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