Here But Not Here?


How connected do feel to your life? Do you fully participate in co-creating your experience or do you drift through life feeling like you are never fully living it? When we live our lives not fully present in our body, or fully present to our emotions and thoughts, we feel disconnected and find it hard to live each moment to its fullest potential.There can be many reasons for not being present to our experiences. If you have physical pain, past traumas, or illnesses, it may feel unsafe or uncomfortable to fully be in your body. When we find ourselves stuck in looping thoughts, obsessing about the past, or stressing about the future, we are not fully present to our current reality. Many times, people leave their bodies during traumas, leaving them vulnerable and energetically open to anything. More interferences and entities enter the body as a result, which makes it even more difficult to be present, so the cycle continues feeding itself.If we aren’t present and fully in our bodies, we feel disconnected, spacey, and ungrounded. It makes us more open and energetically susceptible to unwanted external interferences or attachments. As we become energetically weakened, these energies can affect us and we can become inundated with thoughts, feelings and emotions that may not even be our own!We feel blocked and we can’t create the reality we want, because we are not fully here to create it! It’s time to come back home to the Self. In this clearing, we will address the discarnates, traumas, and contracts that keep you from fully grounding into your life here. It’s time to come back to our bodies and be fully present in our lives in each moment.



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