Healing Trauma Responses


For some people it’s easy to pinpoint past traumatic events and observe how they have influenced and changed our beliefs, patterns, and responses to stress going forward. A soldier returning from war may have PTSD responses like heightened stress hormones, flashbacks, and nightmares. Someone who suffered from neglect or abuse throughout childhood may feel panic and want to run when faced with an argument, or feel like they can never trust another person. Even if your trauma was not as “obvious”, painful breakups, humiliations in childhood or adulthood, losing a loved one, or even witnessing a violent or traumatic scene are all events that can lock trauma responses into our subconscious, causing unintended and far-reaching consequences years down the road.
When we experience trauma, shock and stress often cause us to dissociate from our circumstances and our emotional responses to them. In the short term, this often leads to feeling shut down, numb, or disconnected from your feelings. As we process, we may begin to feel anger or shame, and we may begin to develop additional problems like depression, anxiety, and insomnia. We may adapt coping skills or numbing mechanisms that we don’t even consciously tie back to our original trauma. Until we are able to unravel these triggers and dismantle the root cause of the trauma, we will continue to react in the same way we always have.
Before we incarnate into the world, we enter into soul agreements and contracts to unravel and liberate ourselves from traumas we experienced in past lives. To finally free ourselves from these wounds, we agree on a higher level to re-experience similar circumstances again now so that we can properly heal our past and step forward without being bound and defined by our pain. In this clearing, Bonnie will track back to the very core of your trauma, clearing out the agreements keeping you locked into these patterns. As triggers are dismantled and emotions are released, we can see and process our past with a new perspective and understanding, allowing us to choose a new path forward with total trust in the Universe and the knowing that we are safe.



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