Healing the Nervous System


Do you find yourself on edge, in a perpetual state of worry?
Are you blowing up in anger and frustration at small things that normally wouldn’t bother you?
Are you feeling worn out from constant anxiety or insomnia?
With the turmoil and chaos of the world today, it’s hard not to feel frazzled. Add in the stressors of everyday life, and it’s no wonder that our anxiety can often mount to the point of exhaustion. Some of us are more prone to worry, unable to sleep at night while fixated on intrusive thoughts or uncertainties about our future. Others may have a short fuse with their partners, children, or friends because their system is already at maximum capacity with feelings of overwhelm. Some of us may even feel like the slightest push will send us over the edge.
When you let negative thoughts spiral out of control, feelings of anxiety and panic flood your body, quickly establishing beliefs like you’re not safe, you don’t have enough, that your very being is in danger. This not only adversely affects your body, creating issues with digestion and cognitive function, it also triggers your brain to send stress hormones throughout your body. As this happens over and over again, it actually rewires your nervous system, making you more prone to feelings of stress and anxiety in the future. Once your bio-chemistry is in this vicious cycle, it becomes very difficult to talk yourself down from even mild inconveniences, and soon you find yourself either raging in frustration or collapsing in a nervous system overload.
In this clearing, Bonnie will begin to soothe your entire nervous system so that you can re-calibrate back to state of well-being and groundedness. She will remove any negative outside forces, entities, and core belief patterns that are interfering with your sense of calm and ability to handle difficult situations. It’s time to reset your nervous system so that you can walk through life in your true state of power, calm, and resiliency!



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