Healing Sexual Dysfunction and Inadequacy


Are you worried you’re letting your partner down?

As with much of our spiritual energy, our monkey brain ego can get in the way of our relationship to the universe. One bad experience may start an avalanche of worries that it will happen again or that the relationship with the universe is gone for good. On a deeper level, there could be residual pain and trauma from a past experience that has resonated a discarnate from previous lives that are trying to keep you detached from being your true celestial self.

Your spirit is always ready and willing to heal from these traumas. The only way to move forward is to remove the blocks so that the energies can flow once again. The clearing Bonnie is offering is designed to do just that. By disengaging from the negative energy that may be keeping you trapped and unblocking those passages to your divine power, you will be able to once again tap into your whole celestial self. Your creative, your divine, your sacred, sexual self.


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