Healing Chronic Fatigue


Do you constantly feel drained, sluggish, tired, or low energy?
Does it feel like you are always tired, no matter how much sleep or rest you get?
Are you in a state of permanent brain fog? Does mental effort exhaust you physically?

Although Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a fairly common though not well understood medical condition, from an energetic perspective feeling constantly drained, tired, exhausted, and confused can point to a number of causes. Many people who have experienced past traumas or who are suffering from other conditions like chronic pain find it uncomfortable to be fully present in their bodies due to either physical or emotional pain, leaving them energetically ungrounded and susceptible to entities or other energetic attachments. These negative energies can then continue to drain the person’s energy even further, perpetuating the cycle.

If you are on a spiritual path in this lifetime, you are likely a sensitive person with a desire to help yourself and the world awaken. It can also mean that you have taken on vows or made agreements to suffer or to take on the suffering of others, either through your karmic ancestry or unconsciously in this lifetime by trying to heal others around you.

Whenever we feel weakened physically, it likely also means our energy and boundaries are weakened as well. We can’t awaken, live our purpose, and assist the world if we are constantly feeling low, drained, or exhausted. In this clearing, Bonnie will address the root causes of your chronic fatigue, allowing you the freedom, vitality, and energy to pursue your goals and step boldly into each new day!


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