Hate Your In-Laws?


Do you find yourself at odds with your spouse’s family? Do you often argue with, or avoid your in-laws, causing disharmony in your relationship? Maybe you have a mother-in-law who feels that nobody will ever be good enough for her son, so nothing you ever say or do is enough. Perhaps your in-laws are jealous of the amount of time and attention their son or daughter is spending with their “new family”, making them feel left out or abandoned. Whatever the trigger, the reality is that this affects the family dynamic, including your relationship with your spouse.
So why does this happen? Every relationship, trigger, and experience we have in life is an invitation to us to get to the bottom of what is going on inside of us. Whenever we have a relationship with somebody that we wouldn’t necessarily choose, we need to dig deeper to discover what this person is meant to show and teach us about ourselves. An overbearing and controlling mother-in-law may be showing us where we need to stand up for ourselves and maintain stronger boundaries. Your father-in-law may trigger emotional residue left over from your own familial relationships in this life, or even past incarnations.
It is possible to enter into a more harmonious relationship with your in-laws, even if they “push your buttons.” When we clear out lifetimes of emotional baggage, unwind the contracts and oaths keeping us stuck in our reactions, and get rid of the discarnates adding to our turmoil, we are able to interact in a more authentic and grounded way. Even if you still don’t love your in-laws, you will be less triggered and emotional when communicating with them, allowing even the most difficult relationships to serve you in your growth and liberation!



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