Got Scarcity Consciousness?


Many spiritual people struggle with creating abundantly for themselves, whether it be generating financial resources, or lacking the time or energy to accomplish their goals and dreams. When we are operating in a mentality of “lack”, we look around and worry that there isn’t “enough” to go around. We may say to ourselves, there aren’t enough jobs, or we lack creativity to make our own way in life. We worry about being “out on the street”, or whether we will have enough food to eat, or money to sustain us. We may tell ourselves that we can never earn a decent living doing what we love, so we set ourselves up to choose between working a job we love OR earning a living wage without even considering that we have the ability to have it all!
Most of these beliefs around scarcity and lack can come from your family of origin, past lives where you took vows or made oaths based on old belief systems, cultural influences, and outside programming. We are constantly told that there isn’t enough to go around, so we look for ways to scrimp and save because we worry about our resources running out. When we worry that there isn’t enough, it causes instability, fear, shame, and guilt. We look around for who to blame when we are caught up in this way of thinking. Fortunately, these beliefs and programs are not the truth! We are always abundantly connected to all of the resources we need all of the time! Our beliefs, programs, and mindset lead us into feelings of unworthiness, and shame around receiving or giving.
The time has come to embrace the abundant Source beings that we are! When we unravel these outdated modes of being, we can step forward knowing that our needs and our desires will always be met. We always have access to what we need via our connection to Source, whether that be time, energy, or financial resources. When we truly know this within ourselves, it allows for more flow and freedom to enter the picture. Our relationships can evolve to be based on mutual trust and respect versus worrying about how other people can meet our needs and how we will have the energy or time to meet the needs of others.We can give and receive from the heart with grace and ease, allowing for abundance to flow through all areas of our lives!



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